Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Lydia Forson has compared this year’s election to choosing between an cheating ex-boyfriend and your current partner who takes you for granted .

Lydia Forson in her view believes both NDC and NPP have not met the expectations of Ghanaian’s and this makes it difficult for the citizenry to choose from the two.

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In a post sighted by,Ms Lydia Forson said,

“This year’s elections feel like having to choose between your ex who cheated on you and wants a  second chance, your current who treats you like he’ll never lose you but abuses you, and other suitors you’ve never given yourself time to know.

Do you give your ex another chance, work it out with your current or open yourself up to the possibilities of other suitors?

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Or do you pause, look at yourself in the mirror reflect on all your decisions and try to understand why you keep getting into relationships and sometimes ‘entanglements’ with people who treat you the way they do?”

Miss Forson was threatened in her recent post after criticising the ruling NPP government.

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