UWC Student Portal Login – How To Access

Brief History About University of the Western Cape

As part of the public university in South Africa, The University of the Western Cape which is located in cape town was established in the year 1960. The university has grown to enroll more South Africans though its initial enrolment was for the colored people.


The University of Western Cape (UWC) has joined the list of prestigious universities that are using an online platform to served its numerous students. The platform is known as the UWC Student Portal and this is a platform that allows students of the University of Western Cape to do a whole tall list of academic activities during the period they are on campus.

What is UWC Portal

As part of the University’s way to bridge the academic gap, a platform has been created to help in academic activities while in school.

The platform is a unique platform that requires every student to access the platform using their student number and password which was created while registering on the portal. 

University of the Western Cape platform which is widely known as UWC student portal also helps students to access their results, academic records, personal details, status among others. It is also a platform that aids continuing students in their registration for the next academic calendar.

The portal is one of the simple and straightforward platforms an individual could ever ask for. 


While on the platform, prospective students, as well as continuing students, can access many things. For prospective students, you will be able to view your application status. For existing students, you can have access to your results, academic history, student account, and personal details on the platform. The platform also allows students to register online.

How to Log Into Your UWC Student Portal

Logging in to your UWC student portal is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. 

To login, kindly do the following; 

  • Visit the URL uwc.ac.za
  • When the page opens, you would be required to input your student number, South African identity or your passport number and password.
  • Once you enter these credentials, proceed to click on the submit button to access your student account. 

NB: For South African citizens, you must tick the SA ID Number checkbox and if you are an international student, you must tick the Passport Number checkbox.


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