Soulja Boy and Bow Wowhave both contemplated retiring from the rap game in the past. And yet, they dropped a joint album Ignorant Shit seemingly out of nowhere last week. Today (Nov. 8), two duo gives fans a visual for the lead single of the album, “Fucking Up A Check.”
As Soulja Boy and Bow Wow throw racks of cash all over models, Soulja raps from a silver throne about just how easy it is to flex.
“Everything new down to my shoes/From my belt to my shoes to my Christian Loubs’/Hopped out the coupe too, dog pouring up juice/Walking in the club pouring up, bottles and I’m too cool,” spits Soulja Boy.
An actor by profession these days, Bow Wow name drops his former TV gig in the third verse.
“I just blew my CSI money on a bad bitch/Soulja blow that VH1 money, dog you been rich/Came in a 2-seater, how these hoes gon’ fit/We don’t love ’em, we don’t cuff ’em/And you know that she a flip.”
XXL spoke to Bow Wow recently about his career shift, mainly coming out of retirement with this new music. Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, confirmed that he does have one more album besides Ignorant Shit left to drop—the long-teased Underrated. The project has been teased by Bow Wow for the last five years.
“I mean, I got new records that I’ve been kind of messing with,” said the 29-year-old. “I think after this mixtape [Ignorant Shit] and the vibes that I caught with this, I kinda want to start over again. For me, I’ve been listening to the records for so long that they just feel old to me—even though it might be new to the world. I’m definitely going to go in the studio and [create] way more records for Underrated.”
Watch the guys “fuck up a check” above.

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