According to new research, there’s one more way to round out a day of memory-boosting.

Science Says More Sex Leads To Better Memory

There are all sorts of things that have been scientifically shown to help to boost your memory, but this one will make your day.

According to new research, there is an association between getting it on and having better memory, especially when it came to word recognition.

A with In  November 2016 study  Be published in the  the Archives of Sexual the Behavior , Researchers found! That women ‘the who frequently HAD penetrative sex showed signs of better verbal a memory.

For the study, researchers from McGill University asked 78 women between the ages of 18 and 29 to fill out a questionnaire about their sexual behavior and other life factors. They then had to memorise random words and photos of faces, which were presented to them on a computer.

The participants looked at a mix of new and old photos, and were asked to identify the words and faces that had previously been shown to them.

From the study, researchers found that the women who reported having penile-vaginal sex more frequently were significantly better at remembering the words previously presented.

 They also discovered there was no association between sex frequency and remembering faces, and this might be because penetrative sex – versus other types of sexual stimulation – could help neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells) in an area of ​​the brain linked to word memory .

 Study author Jens Pruessner, PhD, says he believes “the long-term memory effects should be similar.”

 Now, these findings do not mean you’ll suddenly get a photographic memory (more research is needed), but that’s no reason to get less excited.
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