“Y’all all fucking know Donald Trump is now the punk-ass president,” said Q, which was greeted by resounding boos from the crowd.

“I don’t believe your vote counts anymore,” he continued. Everywhere I go I don’t know one person who says they were voting for Trump. Including all of my white friends – including this white boy right here,’ he said, pointing to the cameraman. “He voted for Hillary Clinton and she didn’t win, I don’t get it.”

The TDE rapper then launched into a rendition of YG‘s “Fuck Donald Trump,” a song which will unfortunately hold a lasting relevance over the course of the next 4 years.

Posting the clip to Instagram, Q clarified that his comments regarding votes “not counting” aren’t to be taken too seriously. “I could b wrong witH my statements about your vote not counting,” he wrote. “I prolly was jus in my feelings but sHoutout @yg FDT even AUSSIE AGREE FUCK DAT N*GGAH

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