The main objective of the group is to help the youth and young once identify their hidden TALENT and GIFT so to be able to use them effectively.
This will b fulfill by organizing programs in campuses and other places to talk to the youth and also student were by we will invite great people to speak to them .
Apart from that, will also have to have fun with them by organizing a dancing show ,rap show ,singin and also to show case any TALENT and   GIFT available to them

Because it is a group,we have to have our own shaders(customize bags,cloth caps,and etc ) with our logo on it.
We will have our own website and blog.
And also we have our own photographers who will take pictures and videos of any program we go to.and afta that will upload them onto our website and blog..
We also invite great rapperz and singers to this programs

Call or whatsapp for more info..

Instagram: @re_birthempire

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