Over 3,000 users are on Nationton Republic, earning real money & getting paid everyday with plenty of testimonies all over the internet. You too can work with Nationton & get paid via mobile money wherever you are. At least, aim for something not less than GHS3,600. Register at https://www.nationton.com/register All u need is mobile phone with internet access.


1.First Deposit 10cedis subscription fee into your mobile money account Send the subscription fee of the 10cedis to the company mobile money number NOTE:(use your own mobile money number cos if you go the road side you won’t get the transaction ID)

2. after sending the money to the company mobile money account, the network you use to send the money will send you message containing transaction ID. these are the company mobile money account

 MTN 0248 422 839
TIGO. 0270 176 739
AIRTEL. 0260 938 205
VODAFONE. 0501 052 615

3. copy the transaction ID to do your registration (NOTE: the transaction ID will let the system know is true you have made your payment)

4. .go to https://www.nationton.com/register

5. use *ALETEY* as a username who invited you.

You can whatsapp or call for more details 0249943233

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