Man Cuts Off His Manhood ( Penis )…Find Out Why!

A man in Monrovia, Liberia left a group stunned when he weakly keep running into the avenues with blood overflowing from his pants. It later gave the idea that the man’s penis had been cut by an obscure individual. The occasion which happened a week ago was accounted for by media in Liberia yet as indicated by, numerous observers saw the man running into a moving taxi at Duport Road Market and appeared to be in horrifying agony while yelling “My penis, my penis,” drawing in consideration from a surging horde of spectators.

Man Cuts Off His Manhood ( Penis )...Find Out Why!

Liberia Man Cuts Off Manhood

One witness, James Mulbah who said they found the man’s penis had been seriously sliced portrayed: “The man fell just before the taxi, we were stunned. Later on, we found that an excessive amount of blood was spilling from his pant, and when he opened his pant, we saw that his penis was cut. When we requesting that he disclose what transpired, everything he could state was: “It is difficult to talk my kin.” 

An emergency vehicle later came to pass on the harmed man to the closest healing facility. 

However later on, a bit of the man’s penis was found in a deplete by the roadside. 

A wide range of hypotheses have developed as the reasons why the man had his penis secretive sliced including infidelity, assault and also blood money

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