Security Analyst and Executive Director of Irbad Security Consult Alhaji Irbad Ibrahim has stated that he will choose the New Patriotic Party(NPP) over the National Democratic Congress(NDC) if he finally decides to launch into partisan politics.

NPP or NDC Irbard Ibrahim
While citing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s decisive leadership in the management of COVID-19 as bases for his interest to join the NPP, the popular young security analyst wrote that “A leader has to be decisive. A leader has to damn all pressure and take decisions that bring relief to the poor. It is not difficult to sense the back-room bickering and show of dissatisfaction in the lead up to the historic announcement last night. Nana Addo has not impressed me in the implementation of some of his policies but his bold move last night was a game changer.”
According to him, though he has recently been contemplating and consulting over starting his political career, he has been caught in between settling for the opposition National Democratic Congress or the governing New Patriotic Party adding that “The NPP and the NDC behave like tribes and I am an unhinged and non-conformist young man who wants to remain a free thinker devoid of control because I belong to a tribe or clan of people or an ideology.”
He stated further that “If I were to join a party in the next 24 hours, then it would be Nana Addo’s party. But I won’t take a political decisions now. It may not even be in the era of the current generation of leaders on both sides of the political aisle.”
“To sum it up, Nana Addo has made a very good impression on me in the past few hours. I wish him and his team well.”

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