How To Check UIF TERS Payment Status

UIF means Unemployment Insurance Fund and this is an initiative by the South African government to assist citizens who have lost their jobs, especially in this COVID-19 era. These people are given some amount of money to be able to take care of their families to some extent.


Any UIF contributing business-facing unable to pay salaries as a result of the lockdown period and also any employee who is a contributor –  thus works more than 24 hours a month and there is an employer and employee relationship qualify for this fund. 

Ters Payment Status

To check your UIF Ters (Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme) payment status, you must use the online provided by the labor agency. Kindly visit the URL and once it is opened, you must input your credentials in order to check your status. 

You must enter your lockdown period as well as your ID Number/Passport Number. Once you input these credentials, click on the ‘Get Status’ tab to see your status. If you can see the amount paid and the processed date changed into “Processed”, then it means that the system has picked up the application and you are good to go. However, if the amount is zero, then it means your application was outrightly rejected and you will need to put in a new application.


Track Your UIF TERS Application

Before one can track his TERS (Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme), you must have submitted an application before you can track it. If you have successfully sent in your application, you can track it by logging back into your profile after a couple of days. You will need your Username and password to do it exercise. 

TERS (Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme) Payment

After checking to see if your application is successful, proceed to click on the green Successful Payment button. This will allow you to automatically download a letter.

You will need to sign and send the downloaded letter to with proof that you have distributed the funds to your employees.

Payments are made directly into the employee’s account and the employee gets not less than R3500


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