How To Check UIF Claim Status

Unemployment Insurance Fund as widely known as UIF is an initiative that helps workers contribute a certain quota of their monthly salary so as to help them when they are unemployed. 


Well after an applicant applies for UIF, one would love to know as to the steps he/she has to do in order for them to track their status claim. 

For now, there are two types of ways to check your UIF status which is the online and offline methods. 

Step by Step Guide To Check UIF Claim Status Online

First Option

  1. First an applicant with UIF must visit 
  2. Click on the check my status tab on the website
  3. Kindly go through every single instructions as they appear on your screen
  4. Kindly enter the captcha number shown on the website
  5. Enter your UIF reference number

Second Option

The second option which is also accepted by UIF can also be used to track your claim status

  1. Send an email to
  2. The content of your email must bear your name, identification and your UIF registration number. 

The Offline Method

This method involves the applicant visiting the nearby labour office to sign the register. Upon arrival at the office, your identification number and your UIF registration number would be requested. 


After getting the necessary details, your UIF status will be made known to the applicant as to whether the claim is activated yet or not.

At this stage whichever results pop up will be further explained to the applicant. If your status is not yet active you will be told as to when it will be done. 

Further information

In cases where an applicant has still not yet received any payments with the time frame of eight weeks after registration should place a call to the labour centre or better still go there in person to verify as to why there is a delay.


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