Manna Juju

Aaron Manna Freeman with the stage name Manna Juju has been making massive trends across social media especially instagram due to the good music he gives to his listeners and fans. Manna Juju has pulled a massive surprise on some faces of hit musicians in the music industry in some recent times. Manna Juju who hails from Takoradi(Taadi) raps and sing in Fante/Ashante(local Ghanaian languages) and as well as English.
Even though Manna Juju is currently studying at the University of Science and Technology,Kumasi-Ghana, he still does music. This makes Manna Juju one of the most powerful and talented musician ever to hit the walls and corners of Ghana music and beyond.
Manna Juju is believed to have started music way back in his Senior high school times.He was an old student of Fijai Senior high school which is one of the renowned high schools in the western region of Ghana.
Manna Juju Thugged Young and Reckless because of his fearless nature.
For Bookings: Contact his management team on +233201464555(Ghana and beyond) 

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