Fulani man Arrested for Stealing a herd of 57 Cows.

Fulani man Arrested for Stealing a herd of 57 Cows. Where is Fulani Herds Man From?
Where is Fulani Herds Man From?

A 36-year old Fulani just recognized as Gado has been grabbed by the Salaga District police summon in the East Gonja District of the Northern Region for stirring 57 bovines having a place with four people.

The suspect, who conceded taking the creatures on various operations he propelled in his alert explanation, was captured amid the late hours of Sunday December 11, 2016 in his offer to meet an introductory engagement in Tamale.

As indicated by the police, the gathered woman was utilized as a draw to get him captured and hence continued speaking with him on telephone.

In a meeting with Christopher Amoako a writer in Salaga, one of the casualties who had 5 of his bovines stolen, said they presumed Gado and needed to devise a procedure to have him captured.

As per him, on the early hours of Sunday, suspect Gado called the woman that he was in Tamale and that the woman ought to meet him. The woman then called one of the casualties who raced to Tamale in the organization of the police prompting to his capture.

He was accordingly exchanged to Salaga and has since confessed to perpetrating the wrongdoing and is arguing for an out of court settlement.

Police have revealed that he will be charged under the steady gaze of court in the not so distant future yet have spoke to inhabitants who have succumbed to his exercises to answer to the police.

I think from here we’ll soon get answers to this question: Where is Fulani Herds Man From?

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