FDA and Dalax

Director for Dalex Finance, Mr. Joe Jackson, is fighting Ghanaian celebrities who claim that the Food and Drugs and Authority (FDA) and the Gaming Commission have made them lose huge sums of money.

The Gaming Commission this week announced that Betting Companies can no longer use celebrities and public figures as their ambassadors, a move that has not sat down well with these figures who hitherto were making fortunes from these bodies.
FDA Brouhaha: Drop ban on celebrities advertising for alcoholic beverages – Shatta Wale to FDA
Prior to this, Ghanaian celebrities were barred by the Food And Drugs Authority (FDA) from been used for advertising by alcoholic beverages.

This move by regulators has caused an upset with several celebrities condemning the regulatory bodies considering the fact that they depend on some of these deals as a source of income.

Wendy Shay has said she will be taking both regulatory bodies to court whiles Efya has since been vocal about the move on her social media platforms.

But reacting to the protest and claims that celebrities are losing money because they cannot endorse betting companies and alcoholic beverages, Joe Jackson who is the Director for Dalex Finance stated that the money they are losing cannot be compared to the damage they will be causing to the lives of some young boys and girls with their endorsement of addiction products.

He said: “Ghanaian Artistes should not be able to endorse addictive activities and substances e.g. tobacco, betting, alcohol, etc. Whatever money you are losing pales into nothing compared to the destruction of addiction”.

Source: theghanareport.com

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