No joke, Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential election.

Well America the unthinkable has happened. No, not the Chicago Cubs. Donald Trump is our next President of the United States. Let that sink in with you for a minute will ya.

Announced in the early hours of Wednesday morning (11/9), Donald beat his running mate Hilary Clinton with a total of 276 electoral college votes to her 215, making him the 45th President in our U.S. history. The entire night left citizens on the edge of their seat however as they saw Donald win some early big states like Texas, Florida, & North Carolina, before running with it the rest of the way.
With being said, the hip-hop community wasn’t too happy about America’s decision, and per usual took to twitter to voice their frustration with the outcome. Peep some of the tweets from the night below and watch Trump’s celebratory speech go down live now (below).

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