Alert: Latest Trick Kidnappers Want to Use On You. Becareful When You Go Out. Please becarful out there. The days are evil and people are all around the corner looking for preys.

I went to the mall, specifically shoprite  here in Abuja, yesterday and a girl walked up to me at the car park when I was about stepping into the car, she said “please excuse ma, just before you go, please do me the favour of smelling this two piece of paper and tell me your preferred perfume fragrances,  I want to buy a perfume and iam confused as to what fragrance to settle for”

To me, the story did not add up, I told her, sorry I don’t go about smelling a piece of paper and more over, you are not currently at a perfume stand, I told her to excuse me and I drove away. Staring at her from my review mirror, I saw her approaching yet another person and I cared less because I do not know what she was up to yet.

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On getting home, I was so troubled that I decided to share my experience and a colleague told me that his neighbour’s brother was kidnapped just last week at Ceddi Plaza in Central Area, Abuja, and after paying the randsome of 300k they released him. When he got home after 5 days they started asking him what really happened, he said the only thing he could remember was a lady walking up to him at car park and asking him to help her make a choice of perfume afterwards  he found himself in an unknown locations.

Christmas is fast approaching and people are desperate. Please share with your loved ones, so that you or them don’t fall victim of their shenanigans.

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NOTE: Whenever they approach you, please make sure you make them sniff it and call people to help you get them arrested.

Thank you.



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