12 Rules For Those Who Will Be Drinking But Not Buying During Festive Seasons
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12 Rules For Those Who Will Be Drinking But Not Buying During Festive Seasons. Here are the 12 rule you can use to survive and enjoy just as you would have if you had all the money.

1. Respect the buyer.
Since you would not be buying any of the drinks, you have to highly respect the one who is buying it because any little disrespect can lead him to anger and that would mean you have lost.

2.Greet the buyer before you sit.
Greeting is a sign of respect, a concersation starter and a call for attention. Greating the buyer reminds him of your presence and the respect you have shown to him.

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3. Don’t be boring, tell more stories but don’t talk more than the buyer.
This is very simple. The more you entertain the buyer, the more he stays and more drinks you get.

4. Always help the buyer with carrying beers from the counter.
This a sign of respect, dedication and committment and would get the buyer more encouraged to buy more drinks for you.

5. Dance to any music that the buyer likes.
In this sense the buyer will believ that you have something in common and that could get him carried away by your dance. There’s a saying that “birds of the same further flock together”. Do this and he will always flock with you. *smile*

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6. Buyer’s jokes are always funny so laugh out loud

7. when the buyer fights, you must fight with him.

8. when you come across two girls the beautiful one belongs to the buyer.

9. Don’t attempt to drink any beer more expensive than the buyer’s beer.

10. Don’t try to drink more than the buyer.

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11. Help the buyer crosscheck the bill. If it is over, make sure you shout at the waiter well.

12. If the buyer complains about the peppersoup, make sure you complain louder so pepper doesn’t choke the buyer, if not…no more beer for you o.

Happy Festive Season

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